• Unbox the printer from the box.
  • Take out the other accessories and keep them aside for later use.
  • Connect the printer to the power supply and turn it on.
  • After you switch on the printer, set your preferences on the control panel.
  • Install the setup ink cartridges into the respective slots and load sufficient papers in the tray.
  • Once you do the initial setup, proceed to install the printer driver on your computer.
  • After you finish the process, perform a test print on your Canon Pixma MG3022.
Unbox MG3022


  • Remove the tape on the printer’s package.
  • Place the printer on a table after taking it out of the box.
  • On the printer’s package, you will get an installation CD, power cord, and a get started guide.
  • Keep the accessories aside and proceed to switch the printer on.
  • Take the Power cord and connect it between the printer and the wall outlet.
  • Gently press the Power button to switch on the Canon Pixma MG3022 printer.
  • Set your preferences like region and language on the printer’s control panel.
  • Load enough papers into the main input tray.
  • Now, take the setup ink cartridges and install it into the respective slots.
  • Once you install the ink cartridges, the printer starts to print an alignment page.
  • Now, proceed to install the Canon software from the manufacturer’s site.



  • Connect your computer to the internet and go to the manufacturer’s site.
  • Select Canon Printers and choose Pixma Series.
  • A list of Pixma printers will be displayed on the screen.
  • From the list, select the Canon Pixma MG3022 printer.
  • Navigate to the Drivers & Downloads section.
  • Click the MP Drivers link from the list of software displayed.
  • Choose the OS version on your computer and click the Download button.
  • The download process will take about five to ten minutes.
  • After you download the driver, proceed to install it on your computer.


The manual is a reference guide for users which helps customers understand the device. It offers instructions and a pictorial representation of the product. The manual is in the PDF format. It contains a Table of Contents. The topics covered in the manual along with the page number are mentioned. Download the driver from our website and click the link to start the download process. After the download process completes, view the manual on the screen.

CANON PIXMA MG3022Driver Install

  • Use the MP or XPS driver to install it on your system.
  • The link for the driver is available on our website.
  • Double-click the link to begin the download process.
  • After downloading, get the setup file from the Downloads folder.
  • The setup file is in the .exe format.
  • Click the link to begin the installation.
  • Customize the installation.
  • Carry out the steps mentioned on the screen to complete the process.
  • After completing, try to print a test page to check if the installation is proper.
driver install

CANON PIXMA MG3022Printer Functions

Canon Pixma MG3022 printer supports various functions. They are Print, scan, and Copy. You can also link the Canon Pixma MG3022 printer to a mobile phone to start the printing process. Carry out the guidelines mentioned below to begin the process.

  • How to Print

    • The Power button is available on the display panel of the printer.
    • Use the button to turn ON the device.
    • Connect the printer and the system via a wired or wireless network.
    • Pull the input tray out and then insert plain sheets of paper.
    • Set the paper width guides at both ends of the paper.
    • Select the folder and click the file or picture that you wish to print.
    • Assign the print settings if required.
    • Click Print to begin the printing process.
    • Take the printed sheets out of the output cassette.
    How to print
  • How to Copy

    • Scan the original with the platen or Automatic Document Feeder Tray.
    • A scanner lid is present on top of the printer, open it.
    • Keep the document or photo on the platen such that the printed side faces down.
    • Set the paper on the platen along the engraved guides.
    • Press the Scan button on the printer’s control panel.
    • The device starts to scan the document quickly.
    • The scanned file stores automatically in the destination folder.
    • Browse for the folder on the system.
    • If you want to add more pages, follow the same procedure for other documents too.
    How to Copy


  • To scan a document in Canon Pixma, Go to System and search for the application. Find the Canon printer application.
  • Click on the application and right click on it to open the app as admin.
  • There will be various options available in the application, Click the Scan tab.
  • Select the type of document you are scanning.
  • Choose the resolution and format you would like to save it in.
  • Then click the Scan or preview button at the bottom right corner of the Canon Scan dialogue box.
  • In the next step, click Scan or Save one final time to save the file on your computer.


  • Press the Wireless button and hold it until the lamp below flashes.
  • Tap the Color button. Select the Wireless button until the light below Network is lit.
  • Press the Color button. Download the drivers required and double-click on the setup file.
  • Select Start Setup option and choose your country/region.
  • Click Yes on the License Agreement window. Choose Next in the next window.
  • Tap Yes in the Connection Method screen.
  • Choose your router in the succeeding window and enter the correct password.
  • Once the network connection is complete, you can choose the list of applications to be installed on your computer.
  • Click Exit once the setup is complete.


  • First, turn off the Canon printer using the Power button.
  • Link the USB cable between the computer and printer.
  • From the Start menu, choose the Control Panel option and then select Hardware and Sound option.
  • Click on the Devices and Printers option and tap Add a Printer option.
  • Select the Local Printer option and then choose the printer port to connect.
  • Tap the Canon printer option and specify the model number, and select Next.
  • Name the printer and choose it if you want to share the printer or not.
  • Set your printer as the default in the next screen and click the Finish button.

CANON PIXMA MG3022Mobile Printing

Mobile printing lets you assign print jobs from the device that you have connected to the printer. Various solutions such as Pixma Cloud Link, Google Cloud Print, INKJET/Selphy app, and more are present. Make use of any one of the methods to print your documents or files.

Printer is Offline

  • When the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer is offline, an error message gets displayed on the computers and the Print function will not occur.
  • Select the Start icon from the bottom left corner of your computer and click the Control Panel option.
  • Choose Hardware & Sound and then click on the Printers button.
  • Right-click on the icon of your Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer and then select the Use Printer Offline option.
  • Now, check if your file gets printed. Else, a Printer icon will display on the left side of the Windows taskbar.
  • Open the printer’s dialog box by clicking on your Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer’s icon.
  • Choose the Document title below the Document section and then click the Restart option.
  • Make sure to set your Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer as the default.

Not Scanning

  • Make sure that your Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer is powered Up.
  • Check if the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer and the system are linked to the same network.
  • If the printer uses a USB connection, try plugging the USB cord to a different port on your personal computer.
  • Make sure you are using a USB cord of correct length.
  • Confirm whether your Internet connection is working properly if a wireless connection is utilized.
  • Ascertain that you do not use a hub or docking station for plugging the USB cord.
  • You must insert the USB cord to the USB port located on your PC directly.
  • Restart your Mac or Windows computer and then check if the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer can scan.

Canon pixma mg3022 Not Printing

  • Make sure the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer is plugged securely into a power source.
  • Force press the ON button to switch On the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer.
  • Do not continue until the ON lamp stops flashing.
  • Be sure that the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer is associated with the personal computer through a wireless or wired connection.
  • If you are carrying out the print task from the Mac or Windows system, remove all the unwanted print jobs.
  • Confirm that the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer’s driver is chosen.
  • Set the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer as the default. The Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer cannot print data that is too large.
  • Try reducing the print quality and then do the print function.

Canon pixma mg3022 Not Responding

  • The not responding error can occur if the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer and the PC have lost the connection.
  • Restart the personal computer and try to print.
  • Make sure that the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer is placed within the range of the wireless access point.
  • Restore the communication by turning Off and then On the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer and the network router.
  • A firewall software might be blocking the communication. Configure the firewall software to allow communication with the Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer ports.
  • The Canon printer PIXMA MG3022 printer will scan all the nearby routers.
  • Make sure to select the appropriate wireless access point on your system. Ascertain that the SSID name on your printer and computer match.