What’s In the Box:

  • The Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer.
  • Setup CD-ROM.
  • Set of Ink Cartridges.
  • RJ-11 Telephone/Modem Cord.
  • Power Cord.

Steps To Unbox The Canon TR4520 Printer:

  • Open the printer box and take all the box contents out of the box.
  • Take the printer out of the box.
  • Now, remove the orange protective cover from the front and backside of the printer.
  • Open the front cover and then open the paper output tray. Then remove the protective materials from inside the printer.
  • Close the paper output cover.
  • Pull the cassette until it stops and remove the orange protective tape.
  • Once the tape is removed, insert the cassette into the printer.
  • Connect one end of the given power cord to the printer power cord connector and the other end to the electrical wall outlet.
  • Press the Power button to wake the printer for the first time.

How Do I Connect Canon Printer On Windows 7?

You can perform ij start canon tr4520 setup on Windows 7 computer in both wired and wireless connection. Now we are going to see how to connect the Canon printer and the computer using the wireless connection method.

How To Install The FINE Ink Cartridges?

  • Make sure the Canon printer is turned ON.
  • Open the front cover and then open the paper output cover.
  • Wait until the print head holder stops moving inside the printer.
  • Open the Black FINE ink cartridge from the package and remove the orange protective cover.
  • Hold the ink cartridge on the side and do not touch the ink nozzles.
  • Next, insert the Black ink cartridge into the left side of the print head holder.
  • Gently press the ink cartridge into the print head holder until you hear a click sound.
  • Next, remove the Black FINE ink cartridge from the package and then remove the orange protective tape.
  • Repeat the above steps to install the Black ink cartridge on the right side of the print head holder.
  • Once you have installed the FINE ink cartridges properly, close the paper output cover and then close the front cover.

How To Load Paper Stack Into the Cassette?

  • To load paper into the cassette, open the front cover.
  • Grab the front cover with your hand and pull the cassette out of the printer until it stops.
  • Slide both the paper guides to the extreme end of the cassette.
  • Load a paper stack into the cassette, and make sure the print side is facing down.
  • Adjust both guides to hold the paper stack.
  • Push the cassette into the printer until the arrow mark on the edge of the front cover.
  • Pull the paper output support and then pull the output tray extension to hold the printed documents.

Hopefully, the Ij Start Canon Tr4520 Setup is completed successfully.