• To initialize the Easy Wireless Connect on the printer, follow the instructions given below.Power on your Canon TR9120 printer and touch the Home menu.
  • At the lower end of the screen, you can find a network icon, tap it.
  • Select the LAN settings followed by the Wireless LAN option.
  • Touch Wireless LAN setup Easy wireless connect OK.
  • Download and install the print driver on your computer.
  • Make sure to install the print driver as per the instructions on the installer.
Canon unbox ts9120


To unbox the Canon TS9120 printer, follow the instructions as given below.

  • Get a suitable knife or a pair of scissors to remove the top cover of the printer package.
  • After removing the outer package cover, take the printer out.
  • Remove the polystyrene packaging covering and wraps from the printer.
  • Make sure to remove all the protective tapes from the printer.
  • Check if the package contains ink cartridges, connecting cables, installation disc, user guide, and warranty documents.
  • If you find any component missing inside the package, then contact the manufacturer immediately intimating the same.
  • After removing all the packing materials from the printer, make sure to recycle them.
  • Perform the printer hardware setup, install the printer driver on your computer, and try a test print.



To download the Canon TS9120 printer driver, follow the instructions as given below.

  • Open the default browser on your computer and type the URL code of the printer’s official page.
  • Tap the Enter key or click the forward arrow at the end of the browser’s search bar.
  • In the home screen of the manufacturer site, type your Canon series name in the search field and click the Submit button.
  • Tap the Drivers tab. Locate the driver file you want to download.
  • Click on the file you want to download and then click the Download button.
  • The driver download process begins. Create a folder on your computer to save the Canon TS9120 printer driver file.
  • Once the download is complete, you can start the installation process.


To download the user manual for Canon TS9120 printer, follow the instructions as given below.

  • Usually, the user manual is provided in the printer package. If you have lost it, then you can download it from the official page of the Canon printer.
  • Open a browser on your computer and then launch the manufacturer’s site.
  • In the home screen of the Canon printer, type your printer series and click the Submit button.
  • Tap the Manual option and select the file you want to download.
  • Click the Download button. Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Once the manual downloads, you can use it as per your need.

IJ START CANON TS9120Driver Install

  • To connect your Canon printer to the computer, you have to install the drivers that are necessary on your system.
  • Download the drivers on your computer and run the Canon TS9120 Setup file.
  • Tap Next on the Start Setup screen and then choose Start setup in the next screen.
  • You have to select the Country/Region and then comply with the License Agreement provided by Canon.
  • Wait till the printer status is being checked and then you have to select the Yes option in the connection method screen.
  • Choose the connection method according to your choice.
  • Make sure you have the necessary requirements to establish the connection.
  • Wait till the MP drivers are installed and then you have to add your printer.
  • Click the Add Printer option available on the next window.
  • Select your Canon TS9120 printer in the proceeding screen.
  • Once the printer has been added, you have to take a test print to ensure proper connection.

IJ START CANON TS9120Printer Functions

Canon Pixma TS9120 printer offers print, copy, and scan print functions. It makes use of six ink cartridges to print and copy. Automatic two-sided printing, 4 on 1 copy, 2 on 1 copy, and wireless scanning are also available with this printer.

  • How to Print

    • The initial step is to go to the Control Panel and select the Hardware & Sound option.
    • Choose the Devices and Printers option in the next screen.
    • Find your printer model and right-click on it. Select the Printing Preferences option to open the Printer driver Setup screen.
    • Go to the Frequently Used Settings tab and then choose Commonly Used Settings under the Quick Setup menu.
    • Change any settings there if you want to.
    • Assign the Print Quality in the next step of the procedure. You can set it to High, Standard, or Draft.
    • Choose the paper source and save the settings you have modified.
    • Extend the input tray and load paper in it. Make sure not to overload the tray.
    • Search for the file that you want to print and open it.
    • Go to the File menu and click the Print option from the drop-down menu.
    • Specify the number of copies and tap the Print button.
  • How to Copy

    • Long press the ON button to power On the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer.
    • Insert a stack of white paper into the Canon printer’s cassette.
    • On the Home screen of the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer’s touch panel, tap the Copy button.
    • Once you press the Standard Copy option, the Copy Standby pop-up window displays on the screen.
    • Place the original file to be copied on the platen glass and then modify the copy settings as per your requirements.
    • Based on your necessity, press either the Black (black copy) or Color (color copy) button.
    • The Canon TS9120 printer starts the copy job.
    • Collect the printed copy from the output cassette.
  • How to Scan

    • Make sure that the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer is turned On and is linked to your personal computer.
    • Raise the scanner lid and load the original document with the printed side facing the platen and then close the lid.
    • Click the Start menu, and mention windows fax and scan in the search bar.
    • Choose the Windows Fax and Scan tab and then click on the New Scan option.
    • Make sure that correct model number of your Canon printer displays on the computer screen.
    • Now, select the Profile drop-down menu and then choose the type of file; image or text.
    • Select the Color format as Black & White or Color.
    • Now, click the File Type drop-down list and choose either the PDF or JPEG option.
    • Modify any other options as per your necessity and click on the Preview option if needed. Choose the Scan button.


  • Open the file that you are about to print.
  • Navigate to the File menu and choose the Print option.
  • In the Print Preview dialog box, look for the Two-Sided option.
  • Tick the check-box near the Two-Sided option and then choose the layout from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the Long-Edge Binding or Short-Edge Binding option as the Stapling side.
  • Click the Print button to start printing.
Canon TS9120 Double side Print

CANON PIXMA TS9120 Two-Sided Copy

  • Ensure that the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer is switched On.
  • Load enough blank paper into the Canon printer’s input tray.
  • Go to the control panel of the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer and then choose the Copy button from the Home tab.
  • Open the Copy Standby dialog box by selecting the Standard Copy option.
  • On the platen glass, load the text or photo that you wish to copy.
  • In the Standard Copy window, touch the 2-sided option and then press the OK button.
  • If you wish to modify the stapling side and the orientation of the document, then press the Advanced button.
  • Specify whether you wish to use the Preview screen or not.
  • Once all the sheets of the original file are scanned, a screen will open on the touch panel.
  • Select the Scan button if you want to place the next sheet on the glass.
  • If you touch the Print Now button, the Canon PIXMA TS9120 will copy the item that is scanned.

Scan from computer

  • First, press the ON button of the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer to turn it on.
  • Load the file that has to be scanned on the platen glass located on your Canon device.
  • Go to your computer, select the Start icon, and choose the All Apps option.
  • Click Canon Utilities and then select the IJ Scan Utility.
  • If you wish to change the paper size, resolution, and options, then choose the Settings button.
  • Now, specify each item in the Settings pop-up window.
  • Once you have set all the required settings, click on the OK button.
  • The scan process starts on your Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer after you select the Photo or Document option.
Canon TS9120 Scan from Computer

Scan to email

  • Connect your printer’s power cable to the electrical outlet.
  • Ensure that your printer is turned on.
  • Load your original document onto the scanner glass.
  • Select Scan on the IJ Scan Utility software.
  • Choose the Photo Scan option and then select Attach to E-mail.
  • You can either add email clients to attach the scanned image or select None to manually attach the scanned document.
  • On the IJ Scan utility main screen, select Photo.
  • The scanning begins.
  • Specify the correct email address of the email recipient.
  • Provide a suitable subject and a message. Send the email.

Scan to pdf

  • Make sure that your Canon Ts9120 printer is turned on.
  • Place the document or photo that you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • You should save the document in the PDF format.
  • Open the IJ Scan Utility software.
  • Click Settings, choose the paper size, PDF setting, and resolution. After you complete the Canon TS9120 Setup in the settings dialog box, click OK.
  • Select Document or Photo. The printer begins to scan the document.
  • If you want to stop the scanning the document, click Cancel.



  • Ensure that your Canon TS 9120 printer is turned on.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi icon. Select LAN settings.
  • Tap Wireless LAN from the list of wireless connection options.
  • Choose the Wireless LAN setup option and then tap Easy wireless connect.
  • Tap Yes when the printer displays a message stating that the settings for the wireless connection will be made on your device.
  • Wait until the preparation is complete. Proceed with the setup form the application screen.
  • Now download the Canon TS9120 Setup file for your printer and run it.
  • On the home screen of your driver software, choose Start Setup.
  • Choose your region and select Next.
  • Read the License Agreement and Click Yes.
  • Choose Agree on the Extended Survey program screen.
  • Click Next and select Yes on the Connection Method screen.
  • Choose the connection method as you want.
  • Choose the wireless router that you want to connect the printer to on the next screen that opens.
  • If a window prompts you to enter the Network key and password and click Next.
  • Wait until the Canon TS9120 Setup is complete. Print a test page if you want to verify the setup.
  • Your wireless network connection is complete. Select Next.
  • Choose any additional applications you want to install and finally, click Exit.


  • To establish a wireless direct connection on your printer, follow these instructions.
  • Turn on your Canon TS9120 printer.
  • Click Canon TS9120 Setup icon on your printer’s control panel.
  • Choose Settings followed by the Device settings options.
  • From the list of options displayed, select LAN settings and then tap Wireless Direct.
  • Click Wireless Direct Active and touch ON.
  • The Wireless Direct is enabled on your printer.
  • To connect your device to the printer, enable wireless communication on it.
  • Select your printer model with the word DIRECT as a prefix.
  • Provide the password and wait until it connects to the printer.
  • Start Printing and Scanning from your device using the Canon Print inkjet application.


  • To connect a mobile phone with your IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer via Bluetooth, first, you need to configure the Bluetooth settings on your printer.
  • Touch the Canon TS9120 Setup icon(grid-shaped) and choose the Settings option.
  • Select Device Settings Device user settings Bluetooth Settings.
  • Touch the Enable/disable option and ensure that the option you have selected is enabled.
  • Now, take your mobile phone and launch the Settings screen.
  • Enable the Bluetooth Settings option and a list of Bluetooth enabled devices available nearby appears on the screen.
  • Select the name of your printer from the list of available devices. Your mobile phone is now paired with your printer.
Canon TS9120 Bluetooth Setup



The IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer supports various mobile printing solutions like Google Cloud Print, Easy-PhotoPrint+, PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link, AirPrint, SELPHY app, Morpia Print service, and Canon Print Service. You can use any one of them that suits your mobile and the print job. You can connect your printer and mobile devices using a wireless router or Wireless Direct. To print using the Wireless Direct option, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Turn your IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer ON.
  • Select Setup Settings Device Settings.
  • Choose the LAN settings option from the Device Settings menu.
  • Select Wireless Direct Wireless Direct active/inactive.
  • Choose Yes or No on the confirmation screen, and the Wireless Direct Settings appear.
  • Check the SSID and other settings. Modify them if you want to and select OK to enable Wireless Direct on your printer.
  • Now, turn on the Wi-Fi option on your mobile phone.
  • Select the model number of your Canon printer from the list and enter the password.
  • Your mobile phone is now connected to your IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer. You can start the printing process.

Google Cloud Print

To print using the Google Cloud print on your IJ Start Canon TS9120, you need to have a Google account earlier and register your printer with Google Cloud Print.Follow the steps mentioned below to register using Google Chrome.

  • Launch the Google Chrome search engine on your computer.
  • Select the Sign in to Chrome option from the Chrome menu.
  • Enter the login details of your Google account and enter the page.
  • Click the Chrome icon and then select Settings from the menu.
  • Information will display once you click the Show advanced settings option.
  • Select the Manage for Google Cloud Print option and when the Canon TS9100 series & Add printers option appear, select the Add Printers option.
  • Click OK on the registration confirmation screen and select Yes.
  • Once the printer registration is complete, move to your printer to access the printer control panel.
  • Touch the grid-shaped icon on the Home screen.
  • Select Settings Start Cloud Print Print from Google Cloud Print Yes.
  • The printer will start printing when it receives the print data.

IJ Start Canon TS9120


  • Go through the steps below to know how to print using the AirPrint on IJ Start Canon TS9120.
  • Before you begin, check if your iPhone or other Apple device from which you want to print is supporting the AirPrint application.
  • Turn on the IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer and load sufficient paper in it.
  • Launch the AirPrint application on your iOS device.
  • Tap the Print icon and select the model number of your printer from the Printer or Print Options.
  • Check the Print Settings, and change the number of copies and other print options from the Settings.
  • Tap the Print icon to start printing based on the print settings you have specified.

PIXMA Cloud Link

The following guidelines will walk you through the steps required to connect the Canon TS9120 printer to PIXMA Cloud Link. It serves as virtual storage for scanned documents and photos that have to be printed, which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

  • To register the TS9120 printer to the PIXMA Cloud Link first check whether the printer is receiving power.
  • Turn on the Pixma TS9120 printer and wait for it to initialize.
  • Go to the control panel of the TS9120 printer.
  • Look for the button that resembles a cloud on the control panel.
  • Press the cloud button and wait till the prompt appears on the screen.
  • Press OK to start Pixma TS 9120 registration process.
  • Tap Next on the confirmation screen of your printer.
  • Touch Agree to accept the terms of use and finish registering the TS9120 printer to Cloud Link.
  • Navigate to the Cloud Link main screen and select Canon Image Gateway. Enter the credentials and select Log in. Navigate to the album where your picture is saved and select it.
  • Now the photo can be printed from the Pixma TS9120 after setting the print preferences.

Network Device Setup Utility

  • Go to the manufacturer’s site by typing the web address in the address bar of your browser.
  • After the page loads, type Canon TS9120 in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Click the appropriate link with the printer model and wait until that page loads.
  • Choose your operating system and specify whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit system.
  • Navigate to the Drivers and Downloads button and click on it.
  • Locate the MP driver and click the Download button.
  • Choose a save location for the MX922 driver and wait until it downloads.
  • Go to the MX922 driver location and double-click it.
  • Agree to the terms of the MX922 driver installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Navigate to the Start button and select All Apps or go to the search bar of your computer. From there, locate Canon Utilities IJ Network Device Setup Utility.
  • Now the IJ software will scan for printers on the network, and you can click on the MX922 to troubleshoot the device.

ij start canon ts9120Troubleshooting

These guidelines will help you solve these issues and get your TS9120 device working again.

TS9120 does not print. / The TS9120 device does not connect to a network. / The Scanner on the TS9120 does not work.

When the TS9120 printer does not print, it could be because the device is not receiving power, the driver is outdated, or the device is not connected to a network. Set right the power connections and network connections, replace ink cartridges if they are low on ink, and try to print again. For errors regarding the application crashes like HP Scan, uninstall the driver. Download the updated full solution Canon Pixma TS9120 driver from the manufacturer’s site and install it. If the printer doesn’t work as intended, perform a hard reset by removing the plug from the printer while it is on. Wait until the printer is powered off completely and then connect the plug to the printer again. This completes the hardware reset, and the issues should be resolved.

Not Printing

  • When the TS9120 does not work and the LED lights are not glowing, check the power connection and connect it to a power outlet directly if it is connected through a power strip.
  • When the TS9120 printer is printing only in black, check the color cartridge ink levels. If the color ink cartridges are low on ink, replace the cartridges and try printing again.
  • When the TS9120 is not connecting to a network, check the internet connection and set it right. Now, try printing a document from the TS9120.
  • If the Canon Pixma TS9120 printer is not functioning as intended, remove the power cable from the printer while it is still on. Wait until the device is powered off completely and then insert the power cable into the power outlet. The printer should now be reset and work as intended.
  • These issues can also be detected and resolved by troubleshooting the Pixma TS9120 printer with the IJ Network Device Setup Utility.

Scanning Problem

  • Follow the steps below if there is a problem in scanning or the scanner is not working properly.
  • Make sure your IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer is turned on.
  • Check the network connection and status. Reconnect the printe to the network if the connection is poor or unstable.
  • If you are using a wired connection, try connecting the printer using a different USB port or with a different USB cable.
  • Power off the printer and restart your computer.
  • Now, switch on the printer and the computer.
  • Try scanning any document.
  • If the issue persists, get your printer serviced.

IJ start canon ts9120


  • Turn on the printer.
  • Make sure the IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer is connected to the Internet.
  • Now, select the Menu option, select Setup, and press OK.
  • Click on the Device settings and press OK.
  • Scroll down to Firmware update and Click OK.
  • Select on the Install update option and press OK.
  • Click on the Yes option and then press OK to confirm that you want to update your printer firmware.
  • Press OK to start and download the firmware update.
  • The Update succeeded message will be displayed.


  • There are two ways to reset the IJ START CANON TS9120 printer.
  • First, locate the Stop button and hold until the printer alarm sequence begins.
  • Release the button after the alarm flashes 19-20 times to restore the factory default settings.
  • The above step will erase the custom network settings and uninstall the printer from the computer network.
  • The printer will be with original settings.
  • The other way for resetting the printer is as follows.
  • Switch on your device and select Menu.
  • Navigate to the Setup option using the directional arrows.
  • Click on the Device Settings and press OK.
  • Now, select the Reset settings option and press OK to confirm resetting.
  • The process will start; resetting will set your printer setting to factory defaults.
  • For remote assistance on Canon TS9120 Setup, you can contact our technical experts by accessing the Call button available on this screen.