Here are the guidelines to unbox and set up the TS8220 printer.

  • Cut open the tape holding the top flaps on the Canon TS8220 printer box.
  • Pull back the flaps and take the small cardboard package out of the box.
  • This cardboard package contains the Canon printer power cable and cartridges.
  • Take the quick Canon TS8220 Printer Setup guide out of the box and set it aside. There is also a plastic package containing the warning and other miscellaneous leaflets. Set it aside.
  • Take the Canon TS8220 printer CD and sample glossy paper out of the box. Now, remove the TS8220 printer from the box carefully and discard the styrofoam supports.
  • Place the Canon TS8220 printer on a flat surface and remove the plastic packaging. Peel off the plastic film from the Canon TS8220 printer and proceed to the next step.
  • Remove the orange tapes from the top, side, bottom, rear, and interior surfaces of the TS8220 printer. Attach the TS8220 printer’s paper input tray to the slot on the bottom surface by sliding it in.
  • Extend the TS8220 printer’s paper output tray on the rear side of the printer and raise the Canon machine’s control panel.
  • Attach the TS8220 printer’s power cable to the printer’s rear Power port and wall power outlet. Power on the TS8220 printer by pressing the Power button on the front side of the printer.
  • Wait until the TS8220 device initializes and then set the basic preferences on the device’s control panel.
  • Follow the rest of the printer’s on-screen prompts to finish the Canon TS8220 Printer Setup.

CANON Ts8220


You can download the Canon TS8220 MP driver from this site for both Windows and Mac computers. Navigate to the Canon TS8220 printer driver’s Windows or Mac section to download the appropriate Canon printer driver for your computer. Click the TS8200 printer driver ‘Download’ button to begin downloading the Canon TS8220 MP driver.


The Canon TS8220 printer manual contains the basic guidelines for printing, scanning, and copying. These guidelines can walk amateur users through the entire process, and using this TS8220 printer does not require expert knowledge.

CANON Ts8220Driver Install

Here are the Canon TS8220 driver installation guidelines.

  • Download the TS8220 printer driver from the official manufacturer’s site. You can also insert the TS8220 printer driver CD that came with the Canon printer into your computer’s CD drive.
  • Connect the TS8220 printer to the wireless router by following the prompts on the Network setup wizard. This is an option found on the TS8220 printer’s control panel menu.
  • After the TS8220 printer driver is launched, view the options on the installer dashboard. Click the Start Setup option. Then, click the Next button on the installer screen.
  • The Canon TS8220 printer driver installer acquires the latest driver and software information. The Country/Region screen appears. Choose the correct region from the screen and then click Next.
  • Read and review the TS8220 printer driver installer guidelines. Click the Yes button. Click Agree to let the TS8220 driver collect device information and send it to Canon. You can also choose to click ‘Do Not agree.’ Choosing either of these two options does not affect the TS8220 printer driver installation.
  • Check whether the TS8220 printer, router, and computer icons appear on the screen along with the Wi-Fi data. Click Yes if the Wi-Fi data on the screen is correct. Click Next.
  • Now, the TS8220 MP drivers will be installed on your computer. Click ‘Start’ to send a test print job to the TS8220 printer. Click Next. After a few minutes, the TS8220 printer software is installed completely. Click Next followed by Exit.

Canon Ts8220Printer Functions

Canon TS 8820 All-in-One wireless printer with a 4.3 inches touch screen LCD. It is a mixture of the needful office features such as scanning, copying, and printing. The Canon TS 8820 printer has some connectivity options such as AirPrint, Duplex printing, Mopria Print Service, IFTTT, Bluetooth, and the Google Cloud Print. This Canon TS 8820 printer fits in any location, and is easy to use. The print quality results are excellent.

  • How to Print

    • First, lift the rear tray cover and extend the paper support of the printer.
    • Next, open the paper feed cover and insert some paper with the print side facing upwards.Paper guides must be adjusted along the paper width.Now, slowly close the paper feed cover.
    • Specify the size and type of the paper inserted into the rear paper tray in Page size and Type menu on the printer’s control panel. Tap Register.Under the Quick menu, tap My Image Garden icon.
    • Then, tap the Photo Print icon.Choose the Photo folder comprising the photos that you want to print.
    • Now, tap the photos that have to be printed.On Windows, click the photo(s) and press the Ctrl key together to select one or more photos.
    • To choose one or more photos on Mac, click the photo(s) and press the Command key together.Tap Print and select the number of copies, the name of the printer (Canon TS 8220), media type, etc.  Tap print.
    • On Mac, tap OK for the confirmation message and then click Print.The printing process will start automatically.
  • How to Copy

    • First, take the cassette completely out from the Canon ts8220 printer.
    • Now, remove the cassette cover.
    • Load the paper into the paper input tray with the paper side facing downwards.Make sure to adjust the guides with the paper width and the length.
    • Place the cassette cover and insert the cassette back to the Canon TS 8220 printer.The registration screen for the cassette will appear on the LCD.
    • Make sure to choose the size of the inserted paper into the cassette at Page Size and then tap Register.On the Home screen, choose Copy.Now, open the scanner lid and load the original documents on the scanner glass with the copying side facing downwards. Do the required alignment.
    • Now, close the scanner lid and press the Black or the Color button to start with the scanning process.The Canon TS 8220 printer will begin to copy.
  • How to Scan

    • Load the original document to be copied on the scanner glass.
    • Next, start IJ Scan Utility.For Windows 10, Start All apps Canon Utilities IJ Scan Utility.
    • Windows 8.1, click IJ Scan Utility on the Start screen.On Windows 7, Start All Programs Canon Utilities IJ Scan Utility IJ Scan Utility.
    • Click Settings and then set the paper size, resolution, PDF settings.For Auto Scan, go to the Settings menu, click Auto Scan.
    • Set the Advance Scan Settings in the Settings dialog box.Now, click the Document Scan in the Settings dialog box and change the settings.
    • Once you are done with the settings, click OK.Next, click Document or Photo.The Canon TS 8220 printer will start to scan.

CANON Ts8220 double-sided printing

  • First, launch the Printer driver setup window.Click the Page Setup tab and then select the Duplex printing option.
  • Then, choose the Layout from the available list.Now, select the Print Area Setup and then set the print area.
  • Make sure to choose one of the methods from Use normal size printing or Use reduced printing methods.
  • Choose the Stapling side from the Orientation and the Page Layout settings.Click the Specify Margin, select the Margin width, and click OK.
  • Click OK on the Page setup screen and complete the setup.
  • Place the originals on the platen glass and insert enough paper into the paper input tray.
  • Then, click Start Printing to start with printing.


To perform the scan operation from a computer to the Canon TS8220 printer, follow the instructions given below.

  • Do the initial scan setup as instructed in the user guide.
  • After that, enable the Start IJ Scan Utility option on your computer.
  • Click the Start menu and search for the IJ Scan Utility option.
  • Place the document you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • Set the scan settings as per your requirement and click the OK button.


  • Make sure that the Canon TS8220 printer is turned On.
  • Before you begin the scan operation, check if the paper tray contains enough paper, and the ink cartridges are full.
  • By referring the instructions given in the user guide, place the document you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • To initiate the scan operation, enable the IJ Scan Utility option on your computer.
  • Click the Settings option on the Canon IJ Scan Utility screen.
  • Click the Custom Scan option in the Scan type section.
  • Set the Select Source and the Paper Size option.
  • Click the OK button. After that, click the Custom option.
Canon TS8220 Scan Multiple Pages


The Canon TS8220 printer comes with six individual ink tanks. They are cyan, magenta, yellow, black, pigment black, and photo blue. These ink cartridges are provided with the product package during the purchase. You can replace or refill the ink cartridges if the ink level becomes low or empty.


To refill the Canon TS8220 printer ink cartridge, first, you need to get the refill kit from the manufacturer site or a trusted retail store. After that, follow the instructions given below to refill the ink cartridge.

  • Before you begin the refill process, gather a roll of paper towel, scotch tape, and syringe.
  • First, remove the empty ink cartridge out of the Canon TS8220 printer.
  • Clean the empty cartridge using the paper towel and place it on a clean surface.
  • Remove the top label of the empty cartridge and make a hole.
  • Fill the syringe with the ink.
  • After that, insert the syringe into the cartridge and fill the cartridge with the ink.
  • Make sure not to overfill the ink cartridge.
  • Once you fill the ink cartridge, close the hole using the tape and clean it.
  • After few minutes, insert the refilled ink cartridge into the Canon TS8220 printer and try a test print.

Canon TS8220 Printer Setup-USB

The guided instructions given below will help you to set up the Canon TS8220 printer using a USB cable.

  • First, check if you have done the initial printer setup by referring to the instructions given in the user guide.
  • Connect the Canon TS8220 printer and your Mac device using a USB cable.
  • After that, on your Mac device, download & install the Canon TS8220 printer.
  • Make sure that you have installed the MP driver software of the Canon TS8220 printer.
  • If it is not installed, go to the official site of the manufacturer and download the Canon TS8220 printer driver.
  • Make sure to choose the correct OS (operating system) and the version type while downloading the printer driver.
  • After that, open the downloaded .exe file to begin the installation.
  • Click the Next button on the Welcome screen.
  • To continue with the installation, enter your Mac device security key in the given field and click the Install Helper button.
  • Click the Start Setup button and perform the on-screen instructions.
  • On the Select Connection Method screen, click the Radio button beside the USB Connection (USB Cable) option.
  • Click the OK button. Perform the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  • Once the Canon TS8220 printer driver is installed successfully on your Mac device, try a test print.

Canon Ts8220


  • Before you proceed with the wireless connection setup process, tap the Connect icon on the Canon TS8220 printer operation panel and then touch Yes when the next screen appears.
  • Now, save the Canon TS8220 Printer Setup file by inserting the Setup CD in the CD/DVD drive on your computer.
  • After downloading the executable setup file, double-click to open it. Click Start Setup on the main screen of the program and then select Next when the subsequent window is displayed on the screen.
  • After selecting your region of residence from the Select your place of residence drop-down menu, click Next.
  • To install the Canon product on your computer, you need to read and accept the End-User License Agreement. If you don’t want to agree with the License Agreement, the software installation of the Canon TS8220 printer will be canceled.
  • After accepting the Licence Agreement, you have to agree with the Extended Survey program. Click the Agree button and then proceed with the following steps to install the Canon TS8220 printer software.
  • After connecting your Canon TS8220 printer to the wireless network using a wireless router, click Yes on the Check the Connection Method window.
  • Choose the name of your router under the Wireless Routers section, enter the password in the Network Key bar, and select Next.
  • After you finish the network connection, you will get the Connection Completed message.
  • Once you get the Canon TS8220 Printer Setup Complete information on the screen, you have to select the additional software you need to install.
  • Wait until the Installation Completed Successfully window appears on the screen and then select Exit to close it.


Hold the Power button until the ON LED blinks to power the Canon TS8220 printer on. Proceed with the guidelines mentioned below to enable the Wireless Direct feature from the Canon TS8220 printer operation panel.

  • Go to Setup Settings Device Settings, select the LAN Settings option, and tap the Wireless Direct option.
  • Select the ‘Wireless Direct active/inactive’ option and then tap the ON button at the bottom of the screen.
  • After detecting your network name (SSID) by the Canon TS8220 printer, select Yes OK.
  • Follow the instructions below to connect your device to the Canon TS8220 printer.
  • Go to Settings on your device, and you have to enable the Wi-Fi feature.
  • Type the password after selecting your Canon TS8220 printer from the Printer list to establish the connection between the printer and the device.
  • Download and install the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application on your device and perform the printing function.

Bluetooth Setup

  • Download the Canon Print Service from the Google Play Store app.
  • On your Android mobile phone, tap the Canon Print Service application.
  • Tap the Bluetooth Functions option and then touch the Yes button.
  • Tap OK when the ‘Pair your mobile device and printer for access to additional functions’ message displaying on the screen.
  • Select your Canon TS 8820 printer when the subsequent screen appears on the screen.
  • Wait until your mobile phone pairs with the Canon TS 8820 printer after entering the PIN code.

Canon Ts8220 Mobile Printing

The features available on the Canon TS8220 printer are Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service, Pixma Cloud Link, and Wireless PictBridge. The compatible Operating Systems for the Canon TS8220 printer are Windows 10 (mobile) and Mac.


  • Before printing using the AirPrint app, you have to download and install it on your device.
  • Go to the App Store and search for the AirPrint app. Tap the Get option to download it to your iOS device.
  • Install it using the guidelines that are displayed on your device’s screen.
  • Check if the Canon TS8220 printer is turned on.
  • Extend the input tray and position plain papers in it. Open the AirPrint app on your device and tap the Operation icon.
  • From the pop-up menu, select the Print option.
  • Next, you have to select your Canon TS8220 printer from Printer Options.
  • Modify the print settings is required and mention the number of copies.
  • Tap the Print option to begin the printing process.

Google Cloud Print

  • Ensure that you have a Google account before proceeding with the printing process.
  • Register the Canon TS8220 printer in the next step. Open Chrome on your system and select the Sign In to Chrome option available under the Chrome menu.
  • Log into your Google account using the credentials and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Under Google Cloud Print, select the Manage option. Add your Canon printer to the list using the Add Printers option.
  • Tap the OK button on the Confirmation message screen.
  • To print your document, choose the Print option from the Chrome menu.
  • Click the Change option and choose the printer model in Google Cloud Print. Select the Print option.


  • Register your Canon Pixma TS 8220 printer with Cloud and then proceed with the printing process.
  • Choose the Canon TS8220 Printer Setup option on the home screen. Choose the Cloud Applications option.
  • Read through the guidelines displayed on your screen to complete the registration process.
  • Tap the Canon iMAGE GATEWAY option on the main screen.
  • Specify the Country/Region, User ID, and Password in the respective fields. Click Log In.
  • Next, choose an album from the Album List. Select particular photos that are present under that album to print.
  • Press the Next button and modify the print settings.
  • Tap the OK button to initiate the printing process.
  • The photos you selected will be printed.


  • The Canon TS 8220 IJ Network Device Setup Utility will help you manage a set of printers that are available under a single network.
  • You can also check the states of the Canon TS8220 printer using this software.
  • It is a part of the MP Driver package. So, you can install it along with the drivers.
  • If you want to modify the network settings of the printer, then you can use the Network Device Setup Utility.
  • When you buy a new Canon TS8220 printer, you can connect it to the network using this software.
  • You can also download the Network Device Utility software separately from the official site.

IJ Start Canon Ts8220 Troubleshooting

The Canon Pixma TS8220 faces issues such as printer offline error, cartridge issues, connectivity issues, print error, scan errors, etc. To rectify such problems, you can use the instructions that are stated here. Make use of it and perform any print operations easily.


If the Canon Ts8220 printer is offline, then follow the troubleshooting instructions stated below to resolve it.

  • You have to launch the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys together.
  • Key in Control Printers in the textbox and tap Enter.
  • Search for your Canon TS8220 printer and right-click on it. Choose the See What’s Printing option.
  • Go to the Printer tab and uncheck the Use Printer Offline option to bring the printer to the online status.
  • Choose the Cancel All Documents option to delete the files present in the print queue.
  • When you are assigning a print job, check if you have selected your Canon Pixma TS8220 printer.
  • Disconnect the Canon Pixma printer from the power supply and wait for a few seconds.
  • Connect it to the power source and check if the error has been rectified.

USB Connection Problem

Perform the solutions mentioned below to resolve the USB connection problem on the Canon TS8220 printer.

  • The length of the USB cable should not exceed 10 feet.
  • You have to install the recent version of the Hi-Speed USB driver.
  • Connect your USB cable to the next port to fix the connection problem.
  • If you are not able to fix the connection problem, replace the USB cable.
Canon TS8220 USB Connection Problem

Won't Scan

When you are not able to perform the scanning function on your Canon TS8220 printer, proceed with the instructions given below.

  • Do not use the USB hub to establish the connection between the Canon TS8220 printer and the computer using a wired network.
  • Check whether you have installed the Canon TS 8820 printer’s MP Drivers on your computer. If not, install the most recent version of it from the manufacturer site.
  • Open the Control Panel window on your computer. Go to Programs, select the Programs option, and click the Programs and Features.
  • Go to Canon IJ Scan Utility and then click the Uninstall/Change button. Select Yes OK to uninstall the IJ Scan Utility program from your computer.
  • Then, reinstall the IJ Scan Utility from the Setup CD.

Network connection error

  • First, ensure that the printer’s IP address in the computer is correct.
  • Check for the power status of the printer and network devices.
  • Make sure the connection between the Canon ts8220 printer and the wireless router is proper.
  • Check whether the Canon ts8220 printer settings match with the wireless router settings.
  • Ensure that the Canon ts8220 printer is not located far away from the wireless router.
  • Place the router in the area where the signal strength is strong.
  • Check the Wi-Fi numbers used in the computer match with the Canon printer.
  • Check whether the Security software’s firewall is in the off state.
  • Make use of alphanumeric characters for the network name, in case the Canon ts8220 printer is connected to an Airport Base station through LAN.
  • Restart the router, printer, and computer. Re-establish the network connection and reconfigure the network settings.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, reset the printer.

Error Code 1401

The error code ts8220 can occur on Canon ts8220 to inform you regarding the print head damage. 

  • Make sure to clean the print head.
  • First, ensure that the Canon ts8220 printer is powered on.
  • Next, insert the paper into the cassette and make sure to register it.
  • Tap Settings option on the Home screen.
  • Then, choose Maintenance. The Maintenance screen will be displayed.
  • Now, choose Cleaning option.
  • Next, select Yes on the confirmation screen.
  • Now, the Canon TS8220 printer starts to clean the print head.
  • The Pattern Print confirmation screen will be displayed, tap Yes.
  • Then, the nozzle check pattern will be printed. View the nozzle check pattern.

won't connect to Wi-Fi

  • First, the power of the Canon ts8220 and disconnect the power cord and shut down the computer.
  • Disconnect the wireless router for a minute and then connect it back.
  • Then, turn on the Canon ts8220 printer and then power on the computer after 5 minutes.
  • After the resetting process, make sure to set the network settings of the Canon ts8220 printer.
  • Keep pressing the Stop button until the LED light flashes, and the printer will start to initialize.
  • Now, power off the printer, disconnect the power cord for 10 minutes, and turn it on again.
  • After the Canon TS8220 printer is on, long-press the Wi-Fi button, and release it after the LED light flashes.
  • Then, tap the Color button and then tap the Wi-Fi button.
  • Now, the wireless LAN settings will be enabled.
  • For remote assistance on Canon TS8220 Printer Setup, you can contact our technical experts by accessing the Call button available on this screen.