IJ Start Canon TS202 Unboxing Setup

  • Take the Canon TS202 printer out of the box.
  • Remove and discard all the packing materials surrounding the device.
  • Use the power cable supplied along with the printer to establish the power connection.
  • Connect the cable to the printer and a wall outlet.
  • Open the input tray and raise the lid.
  • Wait until the carriage moves to its position.
  • Put the ink cartridges into their holders.
  • Fill plain sheets of paper in the input cassette.
  • Set the paper width guides
  • After some time, the printer delivers an alignment page.



The Canon TS202 printer supports two types of drivers-XPS and MP. Downloading the MP Driver offers all the latest features of the printer. The driver package contains the IJ Network Utility and Scan Utility tools. The XPS Driver supports only the essential functions of the printer. Carry out the procedures mentioned below to begin the installation process.

Canon TS202 Driver Download


Generally, the user manual is provided with the printer package during the purchase. If you missed the user manual, you can download it directly from the manufacturer’s site. To download the user manual on your system, follow the instructions given below.

  • On your computer, open a browser, browse for the manufacturer’s site.
  • Once the manufacturer’s site opens, enter Canon TS202 printer in the search box given.
  • Click the Go button and select the Manual option.
  • Choose the manual type that matches with your system and click the View button.
  • Click the Download button in the PDF screen.
  • Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Once the manual downloads, find the downloaded file and open it.

IJ start canon TS202Driver Install

Before you begin the installation process, make sure to download the driver software from the manufacturer’s site. Now, perform the steps given below to install the Canon TS202 printer driver on your computer.

  • Switch on your printer and the computer.
  • Use the USB cable to connect the printer and the computer.
  • Now, extract the Canon TS202 Setup file.
  • On your computer, click the Start button, select the Devices & Printers option followed by Fax & Printers.
  • You will find the Add a Printer option in the Fax & Printer screen, click on it.
  • Set up the driver’s location and provide the path from where you have extracted the Canon TS202 Setup file.
  • Now, perform the instructions as displayed on the Wizard screen to complete the installation.
  • Once the entire installation is complete, the printer is ready to perform the print operation.

IJ start canon TS202 Printer Functions

  • Canon TS202 printer uses FINE ( Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) Hybrid Ink Printing Technology for performing print operations.
  • The maximum print resolution is 4800 * 1200 dpi.
  • This printer supports Pigment-based black & Dye-based color ink types.
  • It weighs 6.4 lb (2.9 kg) and the dimensions (L*W*H) is 16.8*8.5*4.9’’(42.7*21.6*12.4 cm).
  • When it comes to Media handling features, the paper types like Plain, Photo Paper Glossy, and Photo Paper Plus Glossy 11 are supported. Both the rear input tray & output tray are used for paper handling.
  • The main drawback of this printer is, it does not support Wireless Printing Feature.
  • How to Print

    • Check if your Canon TS202 printer is switched On.
    • Load paper into the cassette or rear tray and then insert all the ink cartridges.
    • Windows: Go to your personal computer and then open the Canon TS202 Setup window of your printer driver.
    • If needed, you can use the predefined print settings.
    • Select the appropriate print settings. Your Canon PIXMA TS202 printer will print the document.
    • Mac: Open the application software on your Mac personal computer and click File, and then select the Print option.
    • The Print pop-up window appears on your Mac desktop. Choose your Canon PIXMA TS202 printer from the drop-down list box.
    • Specify the print settings and then click on the Print button.
  • How to Copy

    • Make sure to power Up your Canon PIXMA TS202 printer.
    • Load enough white paper into the cassette or rear tray of your printer.
    • Choose the Copy button from the Home tab on the touch panel of your Canon PIXMA TS202 printer.
    • Open the Copy Standby dialog box by tapping on the Standard Copy option.
    • Now, place the original item to be copied on the platen glass of your Canon PIXMA TS202 printer.
    • Modify all the copy settings as per your requirements.
    • If you wish to perform a color copying, tap on the Color button, Else, tap the Black button.
    • Your Canon PIXMA TS202 printer will start doing the copy operation.
    • Once the printer finishes the copy function, make sure to remove the original item from the platen glass.

IJ start canon TS202 Ink cartridge

Cartridge is a component that holds the ink required for carrying out the printing operation. It is important to install cartridges that are genuine and fine. The cartridge must be compatible with the Canon TS202 printer.


  • When the alarm lamp flashes indicating that the ink cartridge is running low, then its time to replace them.
  • You can follow the procedure below to replace an empty or damaged fine cartridge.
  • Turn the printer on while you extend the paper output tray & the output tray extension.
  • Raise the scanner cover and wait until the moving carriage stops on its own.
  • To remove the empty cartridge, gently push the cartridge downwards and pull them out.
  • Unpack the new fine cartridge to get it ready for the installation.
  • The protective tape on the cartridge should also be removed.
  • Insert the cartridge at a slanting position into its slot.
  • Push the cartridge until it secures into the slot firmly.
  • Make sure the alarm lamp stops flashing once you close the cover.
  • Remember that you have to align the print head after installing the cartridges.

Canon TS202 Setup-USB PORT

  • Ensure that you have connected your PC to the network when you are trying to establish a USB setup with your IJ Start Canon TS202 printer.
  • Use a recommended USB cable to connect your system and the printer.
  • The printer driver will be installed automatically via the internet.
  • Make sure that the Canon Inkjet Print Utility software is downloaded. This application will help you to configure detailed print settings.
  • Select the model number of your printer in the Start Canon Inkjet Print Utility application to register your printer.
  • The above procedure applies for Windows 10 only.
Canon TS202 USB Port Setup

IJ start canon TS202

Canon TS202 Setup-WIRELESS

The IJ Start Canon TS202 does not support wireless connection. Hence prefer connecting your printer using the USB setup.


Troubleshooting is the process of finding an issue and performing a series of steps to resolve that issue. Follow the guidelines below to rectify the commonly occurring issues.


  • Click Start on your Windows system and search for the Troubleshoot option.
  • Select the option that displays System Settings below the Troubleshoot option.
  • Once the Troubleshooting window opens, click the Printer option.
  • Click Run the Troubleshooter and wait until the problem is detected.
  • Now, reset your Canon printer.
  • Check if you are using an updated firmware. If not, then update it without a second thought.
  • If the issue persists, contact our support team.


There can be various reasons behind the printer not printing issue. Follow the simple procedure to resolve the same.

  • Check if you have established the connections that are necessary between your printer and the device properly.
  • Load the printing sheets that match the specifications of your printer.
  • If you are placing a printing sheet of different size, specify the same in the printer’s paper setting section.
  • Check if there is enough ink in the installed cartridges. Replace the ones that are empty or low on ink.
  • Clear jams if any in your printer. Even small bits of paper stuck inside the printer can cause an issue.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, contact the support executives for further assistance.


  • USB problem arises with the connectivity of IJ Start Canon TS202 for several reasons. Make sure the printer is turned ON.
  • Connect the USB cable properly.
  • The main reason is slow speed internet connection.
  • The message This device can perform faster appears on the screen,
  • Check whether the USB drivers are correctly installed.
  • The USB cable should not be more than 3 meters.
  • The USB cable should support Hi-speed connection.
  • Try reconnecting the USB.
  • Open your printer driver and make sure the bidirectional support is enabled in the ports sheet of the properties dialog box.

IJ start canon TS202 PRINTER OFFLINE

When the IJ Start Canon TS202 printer fails to print, a message pops up on your Windows operating system stating that the printer is offline, although the printer is online and live.

You can solve this in a few steps.
  • On the Windows 10 OS, go to control panel.
  • Select Network and Sharing Center.
  • Now, click on the Advanced Sharing setting.
  • Maximize the guest or public (current profile) option
  • Under the Network Discovery option, select ‘Turn on network discovery’.
  • Now your system will discover the printer and will connect to it.
  • For remote assistance on Canon TS202 Setup, you can contact our technical experts.