IJ START CANON TS9500Printer Setup

Follow these guidelines to set up the Canon Pixma TS 9500 printer.

  • Power on the Canon Pixma TS9500 printer and wait until it initializes.
  • Connect the Canon Pixma TS9500 setup power cable to its power port and the power outlet.
  • Press the ON button located on the left-hand side of the LCD.
  • Touch the required language on the Pixma device’s LCD.
  • Follow the Pixma device’s on-screen prompts to install the printers cartridge.
  • After raising the top cover and installing the Canon print cartridges, press down on the front portion of the cartridges’ top surfaces to lock them in place. Close the lid.
  • Tap OK, place paper sheets in the cassette and then tap OK again. Now, the Pixma device’s print head will be aligned. Tap OK.
  • Touch the Next option, read & review the information on the LCD, and then choose Agree or Do not agree.
  • On the next screen, select Yes or No, depending on whether you’d like to take part in the survey.
  • Choose Skip if you want to skip a specific question. Then, choose the Next option.
  • When the Start Connection Preparation screen is displayed, tap Next.
  • Then, the Pixma device displays the ‘Ready to connect’ message. Tap the Stop button on the LCD.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi connection type and then tap Yes. Raise the Pixma TS 9500 printer’s control panel and pull the output tray out so that the tray can collect the printed sheets.
  • After a few minutes, the Pixma TS 9500 printer performs Auto Head Alignment. Go to the Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup control panel and choose Manual connect.
  • Choose the correct Wi-Fi SSID shown on the Pixma printer’s LCD and then enter the Wi-Fi SSID. Tap OK after entering the passphrase.
  • After the connection is established, tap OK on the screen.
  • Now, you can install the Canon Pixma TS 9500 printer driver. Follow the on-screen prompts on the driver installer screen on the computer and begin printing a document.


Follow these guidelines to unbox and set up the Canon Pixma TS 9500 printer.

  • Take the Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup and printer out of the box and set it on a flat surface.
  • Set the Pixma power cable and print cartridges aside.
  • Remove the tapes stuck to the Pixma device’s surfaces.
  • After removing the tapes, power on the Pixma TS 9500 printer.
  • Raise the Pixma TS 9500’s top cover to access the print cartridge slots.
  • Go to the Pixma device’s control panel, and read & perform the actions mentioned on the LCD. Set the preferred language and tap OK.
  • Take the Canon print cartridges out of their packages and install them one after the other into the Pixma device according to the animation shown on the printer’s LCD.
  • Press down on the front section of the cartridges’ top surface to lock them in place. Close the cover, and tap OK on the LCD.
  • Load paper in the Pixma device’s paper tray with the print side facing down against the blue protrusion on the paper tray. Adjust the paper width guides to hold the paper sheets in place and then slide the paper tray into the Pixma device.
  • Now, the printhead on the Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup is aligned, and an alignment page is printed.



The Canon Pixma TS 9500 printer driver can be downloaded from the Drivers & Downloads section on the support page of the manufacturer’s official site. The Pixma TS 9500 driver can help you connect the computer to it, both through a USB cable and wireless network. With Canon IJ Network Utility, you can troubleshoot network issues on the Canon Pixma TS 9500, and this tool is a part of the TS 9500 printer driver.


The Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup user manual contains information about using the TS 9500 correctly, loading paper, changing ink tanks, and so on. It even has the guidelines for troubleshooting issues on the Canon Pixma TS 9500 printer and solving them by yourself. Find the Manual Download button and click it to get the printer manual instantly. Alternately, you can go to the support page of the Pixma TS 9500 found on the manufacturer’s official website and download the TS 9500 manual from there.

IJ START CANON TS9500Driver Install

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Canon TS9500 printer driver to your system.
  • Double-click on the downloaded printer driver file to begin the installation.
  • Tap Next on the Initial screen that opens.
  • Read the User Agreement displayed on the next screen and agree with it.
  • Tap the Agree or Do Not Agree button on the Extended Survey Program screen.
  • Choose a connection method of your choice on the next screen.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary requirements to establish a connection.
  • Keep following the instructions on the screen to establish the connection.
  • Once the connection process is complete, key in your Place of Residence.
  • From the Software Installation List screen, select the additional software you want to install on your device.
  • Comply with the License Agreement again and wait till the software is installed on your system.
  • Click the Complete button once the Canon Pixma TS9500 Setup process is complete.

IJ START CANON TS9500Printer Functions

The Canon Pixma TS9500 printer can print, copy, and scan your documents and images. You can also connect your mobile devices to the Canon Pixma TS9500 printer and assign print jobs.

  • How to Print

    • Learn how to print photos using the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app.
    • Raise the rear tray cover and fold the paper support backward.
    • Next, open the feed slot cover of your Canon TS9500 printer.
    • Slide the paper guides and position them in the Portrait orientation.
    • Ensure that the print side is facing upwards. Adjust the paper guides and close the cover.
    • Confirm the rear tray setting by tapping the Confirm button. If you want to modify the settings, press the Change button.
    • Extend the paper output tray of your Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and the paper output support.
    • Launch the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app on your computer.
    • Click on the Photos icon and then select the Browse option. Select the set of photos that you want to print.
    • On the next screen that opens, set the number of copies and other print settings.
    • Click the Print button.
  • How to Copy

      Follow the instructions that are mentioned below to Canon Pixma TS9500 Setup and make copies of your document.
    • Load plain paper into the input tray after extending it.
    • Press the Copy button on the home screen of the Canon printer's control panel.
    • Choose the Standard Copy option in the next step.
    • Next, you have to position the document or image on the scanner glass. Ensure that the copy side faces downwards.
    • Modify the Copy Settings on the next screen according to your choice.
    • Make use of the Up and Down arrow keys to specify the number of copies to be made.
    • Press the Color button for copying in color and the Black button for copying in black & white. The copying process will now begin.
  • How to Scan

      Follow the instructions that are mentioned below to Canon Pixma TS9500 Setup and make scan of your document.
    • First, place the document to be scanned on the scanner glass.
    • Then, open the Start IJ Scan Utility software on your computer.
    • Next, click the Settings menu to open the Settings dialog box.
    • You can set the paper size, type, resolution, etc.
    • Once you finish setting up your preferences, click the document or photo.
    • Now the scanning process will start.

IJ START CANON TS9500Two-Sided Copy

  • First, load the document that you want to copy into the ADF.
  • Select the Standard Copy option and then click the 2-sided Print Settings so that you can copy on both the sides.
  • Select 2-sided and click OK.
  • In the next step, you have to specify the orientation, select either portrait or landscape, as per your requirement.
  • Once you are done with the orientation settings, it starts to rotate by 180 degrees.
  • Select Print now, and the printer will start to scan the document.
  • After scanning and printing the front sides of the original, you will be directed to load the backside of the document.
  • Remove and load the document in the document tray with the same orientation. Select Scan.
  • The other side of the sheets will be scanned and printed.
Two Side Copy

Scan to email

  • First, ensure that the Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup is switched on.
  • Now, load or place the original documents on the printer’s platen.
  • Then, select the Scan option on the printer’s Home screen.
  • Now, a screen will appear prompting you to select a destination to save the scanned data.
  • Choose the option Attach to Email.
  • Next, select Local USB under the Select PC tab, or if your computer is connected to the printer wirelessly, directly specify the computer name to forward the Scanned data.
  • Specify the scan settings; choose the document type, size, etc.
  • Select Document or Photo, whichever you have loaded on the platen.
  • Now, tap on the Color option if you want colored scanned image, or tap Black to get a black and white scanned image of your original.

Scan to computer

  • First, switch on the Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer, and then press the Scan button.
  • Then, select the computer that is connected to the printer.
  • Now, you can use the arrow keys to choose the document type to make it as specified scan settings.
  • To adjust the scan settings, press the Function button and then you can press OK.
  • Now, place the original document on the scanner glass.
  • Press the Color button for color scanning and Black button for the black & white scanning.
  • Once the scanning completes, the scanned file will be saved in your computer.


The Canon Pixma T9500 printer ink cartridges hold a special role in delivering high-quality printouts. Before you begin the print or copy operation on your Canon Pixma TS9500 setup, make sure to check if the cartridges are full and defect-free. If you find any problem with the ink cartridges, you can replace or refill it. To know more about the Canon Pixma TS9500 printer ink cartridges refill, follow the step-by-step procedures given.


  • To refill the Canon Pixma TS9500 printer ink cartridges, first, you need to get a refill kit from a trusted retail store.
  • After getting the refill kit, get a syringe with a needle, a thumb drill to begin the ink cartridges refill process.
  • Now, take the empty ink cartridge out of the Canon Pixma TS9500 printer and place it on a paper towel.
  • Make a hole in the empty ink cartridge using a screwdriver.
  • Now, select the ink you wish to refill and dip the syringe into the ink container.
  • Fill the empty ink cartridge. Do not overfill the cartridges to avoid spillage.
  • Close the hole using glue, hot wax, or an electric tape.
  • After refilling the ink cartridge, reinstall it into the Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer.
  • Run a test print to check the ink quality.
Ink Refill



    To set up a wireless connection for your Canon Pixma TS9500 printer, follow the procedure as discussed below.
  • First, enable the Wi-Fi option on your Canon printer.
  • Press the Home icon followed by the Connect button.
  • Tap the Yes button on the ‘Connect to a computer or smartphone, etc. Please confirm’ screen.
  • Wait for the printer preparation process to complete.
  • Once it is done, The ‘Follow the instructions on the computer or smartphone, etc. to perform the operation’ wizard will appear on the Canon printer screen.
  • Now, install the Canon Pixma TS9500 printer driver on your computer.
  • Open the downloaded Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer driver file to begin the installation process.
  • Click the Start Setup button on the first screen of installation.
  • Select a region, and click the Yes button on the License Agreement screen followed by Agree.
  • Check and make sure that the setup is done as displayed on the Check the Connection Method screen and click the Yes button.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to finish the install process.
  • After that, try a test print to check if the Wireless setup is done correctly.


    To use the Wi-Fi Direct feature on your Canon Pixma TS9500 printer, perform the instructions as discussed below.
  • First, you need to change the printer and device settings to use the Wi-Fi direct feature.
  • Change the printer settings by following the instructions given below.
  • Press the Setup icon on the printer home screen.
  • Select Device Settings LAN Settings Wireless Direct Settings Enable or Disable Wireless Direct ON.
  • The Wi-Fi Direct feature is enabled successfully on your Canon Pixma Ts9500 setup and printer.
  • Now, change the network settings on your device.
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi option on your device.
  • Select your Canon printer from the list. Enter the WPS password when prompted.
  • Click the OK button. Now the device is connected to the Canon printer successfully.
  • Now, select a document you wish to print on your device and tap the Print button.
  • The selected document will be printed by your Canon printer.


  • Proceed with the following steps to perform the Bluetooth Setup.
  • Download the Canon Print application from the Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  • Open the downloaded application and then click the Bluetooth Functions option displayed on the main screen.
  • Select the Next button when the ‘If your printer supports Bluetooth’ message displays on the screen.
  • Hit the OK button to provide the permission to pair the smartphone and your Canon Pixma TS9500 printer.
  • Select the name of your printer and wait until the device connects to your Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer.
  • Select the Smartphone icon on the screen and click Next.
  • Click the Printer;s name under the Available Devices section.
  • Now, note the pin code to connect the device to your Canon Pixma TS9500 printer.
  • Enter the pin code in the required field when the subsequent window opens and then click OK to confirm the same.
  • The Bluetooth Pairing successful message displays on the screen. Hit the OK button when the Paired window displays.


The Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer is supported on Mac, Android, and Windows 10 devices. It is capable of performing Mobile Printing using applications like Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, PIXMA Cloud Link, Windows 10 Mobile Print, and Mopria Print Service. The main advantage of the mobile printing feature is that you can print photo or document without the computer or printer driver from any location over the network. Proceed with the quick steps below to perform printing through Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

Apple Airprint

Follow the instructions to perform printing with the Apple AirPrint.

  • Turn on your Canon Pixma TS9500 printer.
  • Make sure to connect both the device and the computer to the same network connection.
  • Use the USB cable to make a connection between the printer and the device.
  • Load the plain paper on the output paper tray in the Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer.
  • Mention the paper size, paper type on the printer operation panel.
  • Open the Canon Print application software.
  • Choose the name and model of your printer as Canon Pixma TS9500 printer from the list when the Print dialog box appears on the screen.
  • Also, set the print settings like the Paper Size, Feed From, Media Type, and Media & Quality on the Print dialog box.
  • Make sure to select the Auto Select option next to the Media Type feature.
  • Mark the checkbox next to the Two-Sided option to enable duplex printing. If you don’t want to print a double-sided document, remove the mark in the checkbox next to the Two-Sided option.
  • Click the Print button on the left bottom of the screen after you modify the changes in the print settings on the Print dialog box.
  • Now, the printer will print the document as per your requirement automatically.

Google Cloud Print

Follow the steps below to register your Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer with Google Cloud Print using Google Chrome.

  • Launch the Google Chrome web browser on your PC.
  • Click the Menu icon on the top-right corner of the screen and log into the Chrome account.
  • Use the login credentials like the username and the password to log into the Google account.
  • Again, select the Menu icon and then go to Settings Show Advanced Settings Manage to open the Google Cloud Print window.
  • Now, check the printer model name and then click the Add Printers button next to the model name.
  • Select the OK button when the confirmation message appears on the screen to register your printer.
  • Click the Yes button to complete the printer registration with Google Cloud Print using Google Chrome.
  • Turn on your Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer.
  • To perform printing with the Google Cloud Print, click the Menu icon from Google Chrome after registering your printer with Google Cloud Print.
  • Now, select the Print option from the displayed menu.
  • Click the Change button in the Destination section and choose the printer model name.
  • Select the Print button, and the printer will send print data to the printer automatically to start printing the data.

IJ Start Canon TS9500

Mopria Print service

To use the Mopria Print Service plugin on your Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup and printer, follow these guidelines

  • Go to the 'Play Store' on your Android device and search for the Mopria app.
  • After installing the Canon Mopria app on your Android device, navigate to the Settings app and open it. Follow the on-screen prompts to add the Pixma device and begin printing. If your Android device has native printing support, you can follow the steps given below.
  • Look for the Printing option. You can use the 'Search' button in the Settings app to look for the ‘Printing’ option.
  • Tap Printing and then select Mopria Print Service. Toggle it on.
  • Make sure the Canon Pixma TS 9500 printer is switched on and connected to the same Wi-Fi SSID to which the mobile device is connected.
  • Now, a list of Mopria supported devices will be displayed. Choose the Pixma TS 9500 printer from the list.
  • Open a document, select the Share option, and choose the Mopria supported Canon Pixma TS 9500 to send the print job.

PIXMA Cloud Link

Follow these guidelines to set up PIXMA Cloud Link on the Canon TS 9500 printer.

  • Ensure that the Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup and printer is connected to the internet before proceeding with these steps.
  • Go to the Pixma TS 9500 printer’s control panel and tap the Cloud button.
  • Now, the registration process is initiated. When it is completed, tap OK on the LCD.
  • Tap the Next button, and read & review the license agreement on the screen.
  • Choose the Agree button and then set the time on the next screen. Tap Next.
  • Select the time zone that is appropriate for your region. Tap Apps.
  • Now the Canon Pixma Cloud Link is set up on the Pixma TS 9500 printer.

Firmware Update

    To perform a firmware update on the Canon Pixma TS 9500 setup, follow the guidelines mentioned below.
  • Navigate to the browser on the computer to which the Pixma TS 9500 printer is connected.
  • Enter the manufacturer’s official web address in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Navigate to the Support section and search for the TS9500 model software.
  • Choose the tool which is called Printer Firmware Updater and click on the Download button.
  • Open the tool by double-clicking it and follow the on-screen prompts to install it on your computer.
  • You will need a compatible USB cable to finish the installation and update the Canon TS 9500 printer firmware.

Printer Reset

    You can follow the guidelines mentioned below to reset the TS9500 printer.
  • Power on the Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and printer and wait until it initializes.
  • Touch the gear icon on the Pixma device’s LCD and then tap on Device settings.
  • Select the Reset settings option and then select Reset all. Choose Yes. All the printer settings will be reset to factory defaults.

ij start canon ts9500Troubleshooting

The Canon Pixma TS9500 setup may display maintenance messages like paper jams, no print quality, the machine does not feed paper, toner cartridge not installed correctly, error in the corona wire, etc. In order to avoid such error messages, carry out printer maintenance regularly. Keep the paper tray clean, dust the rollers, and replace the toner cartridge for resolving print quality issues.

Printer offline

  • To fix this issue,First, check whether the printer is plugged in and switched on.
  • Ensure that the printer and the computer are connected to the same network.
  • If your printer is placed far from the router, then check for the signal.
  • For Windows 10, open the Settings window on your computer, find the printer’s name under the Printers tab and right-click it.
  • Select the Use Printer Online option. Try to print.
  • If the issue persists and the document does not print, the printer icon will be displayed on the Windows taskbar.
  • Give a double-click on the icon to open the Printer window. Click the Restart option under the Document menu.
  • If you are using Windows 7, open the Devices and Printers window and right-click the printer’s name.
  • Choose the See what’s printing option and then click the Printer option on the screen that opens.
  • Disable the Use Printer Offline option. You should be able to print now.
  • Select the correct printer name while assigning the print job.
  • Perform a power cycle on the printer if the issue persists.

Not Printing

  • If your Canon Pixma TS9500 setup is not printing,
  • First, switch on your Canon Pixma TS9500 printer.
  • Make sure your Canon printer is correctly connected to your PC.
  • Your paper should match with the information that you have set for the rear tray on the printer panel.
  • Ensure that your paper output tray is in the correct slot.
  • Also, make sure to select your printer correctly while you start your printing process.
  • If you are printing from your computer, try restarting it. For network-connected printers, restart the router as well and re-establish the network connection.

IJ start canon ts9500

Paper Jam

  • When the printer displays a paper jam error,
  • First, switch off your printer Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and then you unplug it from the power source.
  • Carefully open the scanning cover without touching the belt.
  • Then, check whether if any paper is stuck under the print head holder.
  • If you find any jammed paper, hold the paper gently and remove it using both your hands.
  • Now, if the paper is rolled up, then you can pull the paper out slowly without tearing it.
  • After ensuring that you have removed all the jammed paper, close the scanner unit and start the printing process.
  • Similarly, check for paper jams in the printer trays and other areas inside the printer, and clear them.
  • Restart your Canon printer and check if the issue has resolved.

Not connecting to Wi-Fi

For the Canon Pixma TS9500 not connecting to Wi-Fi issue,

  • First, check the power status of the printer Canon Pixma TS9500 setup and the network devices.
  • Next, switch on your printer if it is turned off and then turn it on again. Check if you are able to connect the printer to the network.
  • Try updating your wireless router’s firmware. Check if the Canon printer is connected to the wireless router.
  • Ensure that the network settings on the wireless router and the printer match.
  • Then, do not place the router far away from the printer.
  • Check your Wi-Fi channel number that you use for your PC.
  • Make sure the Security software firewall is turned off.
  • If you have connected your printer to an AirPort base station via LAN, then ensure that you use the alphanumeric characters for the network name.
  • If you are not able to resolve the issue, contact our technical experts and get it fixed in no time.