CANON PIXMA Ts8120 Unboxing Setup

  • To unpack and set up the Canon Pixma TS8120 printer, follow the procedures given below.
  • First, take the printer out of the package.
  • Place the Canon Pixma TS8120 printer on a table and remove all the packing materials surrounding the printer.
  • Make sure to recycle the packing materials.
  • You can find components such as ink cartridges set, power cord, installation CD, and user guide inside the box.
  • Now, connect the power cord to the printer and turn on your Canon Pixma TS8120 setup.
  • Set the basic setup on the printer. Unpack the ink cartridge and insert it into the printer when prompted.
  • Make sure to place the ink cartridges into the respective slots in the printer.
  • Load a stack of paper into the main tray and wait for the printer to print the alignment page.
  • Once the basic setup process is done, connect the printer to the wireless network.
  • Make sure to connect the computer to the wireless network that the printer is connected.
  • Finish the driver installation process and try a test print.



You can download the Canon Pixma TS8120 printer driver from this site. Click the Download button given below. Now, you will be directed to the driver download page, as soon as you click the Download button. After the download process, install the downloaded driver file on your computer and try a test print or scan operation.


The hard copy of the user guide is provided a printer with the Canon PIXMA TS8120 setup in the packaging box. In future, if you have lost the guide or for getting a PDF copy of the same on your personal system or laptop, click the Manual Download option on this website.

CANON PIXMA Ts8120Driver Install

  • The latest driver for your Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer is available on this web page.
  • Before downloading, confirm that your personal system has ample storage.
  • You can free memory space by deleting all the unwanted apps and software from your system.
  • From your computer, choose the Driver Download option that is found on this site.
  • Agree to the disclaimer and then save the downloaded file in a suitable location on the desktop.
  • Find the driver file, right-click on it, and then select the Run as Administrator button.
  • Start launching the software by choosing the Next option.
  • Ensure that the Canon PIXMA TS8120 setup is associated with the PC using a USB cord.
  • Confirm that your Canon device is highlighted on the screen and click on the Next option.
  • Choose the place of residence and click Next. You have agreed to the End User License Agreement after the Yes button is selected.
  • Complete launching the driver by clicking on the Finish option.
  • Now, print a test sheet to ensure that the Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer driver is installed correctly on the system.
Driver Install

Canon Pixma Ts8120Printer Functions

The primary functions that can be performed using the Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer are printing, scanning, and copying. The guidelines on how to print, scan, and copy from the Canon device are explained on this web page.

  • How to Print

    To perform the print operation on your Canon Pixma TS8120 setup, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

    • Make sure that the Canon Pixma TS8120 printer is turned On.
    • Check if the paper tray contains enough paper.
    • Check if the printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless network.
    • Now, open the document you wish to print on your computer.
    • Click the Printer icon on the Word or Print viewer to open the printer driver’s setup screen.
    • Choose Control Panel Hardware & Sound Devices & Printers.
    • Select and right-click on your printer model. Select the Printing Preferences option.
    • Set the print preferences as per your need. Click the Apply button followed by OK.
    • Now the printer prints the selected document.
    How to Print
  • How to Copy

    • Switch on your Canon Pixma TS8120 setup to begin the Copy operation.
    • Make sure that the paper tray is full.
    • Tap the Copy button on the Home screen of the printer.
    • Select the Standard copy option from the Copy menu.
    • Now get the original document you wish to copy and place it on the scanner glass.
    • Set the Copy layout, the number of copies, print setting items, page size, and other settings when prompted.
    • Now, press the Color button for color copy and Black for the black copy.
    • Now the printer starts the copy operation. Once the copy operation is complete, remove the original document from the scanner glass.
    How to Copy
  • How to Scan

    The Canon Pixma TS 8120 setup can scan documents quickly, and the device can be connected to smartphones, tablets, and computers through the wireless connection method and direct wireless connection. You can also scan documents through the conventional control panel method. Here are the guidelines to scan documents through the control panel method.

    • Power on your Canon Pixma TS8120 printer. Load the original document on the platen and select the Scan button on the home screen.
    • On the Scan screen, choose the Save to computer button.
    • Select the Local USB option to choose the computer that is connected to the Pixma device to forward scanned data.
    • Now, configure the scan preferences such as document type, scan settings, and then proceed to the next step.
    • Now, choose the Black or Color button located on the LCD to send Black or Color scan to the computer.
    How to Scan

CANON PIXMA Ts8120Duplex Printing

To perform duplex printing on your Canon Pixma TS8120 setup, perform the procedures given below.

  • Do the initial printer setup process as per the instructions.
  • Open the image or document you want to print on your computer. Launch the printer driver’s setup screen on your computer.
  • Checkmark the box next to the Duplex Printing option in the Additional Features section.
  • Set the other print settings and appearances and click the Apply button followed by OK.
  • Now the printer starts performing the duplex printing as per your preferences.

CANON PIXMA Ts8120Scan To Email

To scan a document to email by using the Canon Pixma TS8120 setup control panel, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Ensure that you have Canon MP drivers installed on your computer and your computer is connected to the Canon Pixma device.
  • Load the document to be scanned to Email on your Pixma device’s platen.
  • Tap the Scan icon on your Pixma device’s LCD and then choose the Attach to E-Mail icon.
  • Now, select the network or USB connected computer and then set the Scan preferences on the LCD.
  • Tap the Black or Color icon, depending on your scan requirement.

Canon PIXMA TS8120 Scan To Computer

Follow these guidelines to scan documents to your PC by using the Canon Pixma TS8120 setup connected to the PC over a network.

  • Check whether your computer has the Canon Pixma drivers installed on it.
  • Make sure your Windows/Mac PC is connected to the Canon Pixma over the network correctly.
  • Load the document to be scanned to your PC on the Pixma device’s platen.
  • Go to the Pixma device’s home screen and choose Scan iconSave to computerchoose the network PC
  • Specify the Canon Pixma TS8120 scan settings and then tap the Color or Black button depending on your scan requirement.
Scan to Computer


Wireless connection is the ability to connect the computer and Canon printer without the usage of any cables. Follow the instructions that are mentioned below to connect them wirelessly.


  • First, enable the Easy Wireless Connect option on your printer.
  • Press the Wireless icon available on the control panel. Select the LAN Settings option followed by the Wireless LAN option.
  • Choose the Easy Wireless Connect option under the Wireless LAN Setup menu.
  • Tap the Yes option when the prompt ‘Settings Will be Made on a Computer or Smartphone, etc. OK?’ appears.
  • Next, download and install the drivers on your system.
  • Select the Start Setup option on the Initial screen. Choose your Region and accept the License Agreement.
  • Tick the checkbox present near the Deactivate the Block option.
  • The proceeding step is to choose the Yes option in the Connection Method screen.
  • Find your router from the list and select it. Specify the Security Key in the required field.
  • Once the network setup is complete, you can select the additional software required in the next screen.
  • The setup will be completed once the software is installed.


  • Go to the operator panel of your Canon PIXMA TS8120 setup and tap the Home button.
  • Select the Wireless icon and tap the LAN Settings option, and then touch the Wireless LAN button.
  • Tap Wireless LAN Setup and then press the Easy Wireless Connect option.
  • Select the Yes button, and once the process is complete, a prompt dialog box will appear on the printer’s front panel.
  • Download and install the Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer driver from this site. On the First window of the installer, select Next.
  • Type the username and the password of your Mac personal computer and then click on the Install Helper button.
  • Choose Start Setup, then click your region or area name, and then select the Next option.
  • The Yes option on the License Agreement box must be selected.
  • Choose Yes and click Yes again on the Connection Method pop-up window.
  • Select the model of your access point and type the WPA key, and then click Next.
  • Go with the procedure that gets displayed on your Mac personal computer, then add your Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer to the list, and then print a sample page.

Bluetooth Setup

  • The Bluetooth connection for your Canon PIXMA TS8120 setup can be established using the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy app.
  • However, users cannot perform the printing or scanning function using the Bluetooth setup.
  • Make sure that the Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer is switched On.
  • Download and then start the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy application on your mobile device.
  • Touch the Bluetooth Setup option and then select the Next button.
  • Select the OK option, then choose OK again, and then touch the Yes button.
  • Choose the icon that corresponds to your Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer.
  • Find the PIN on the LCD screen of your Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer.
  • You can also get the PIN on the Network Configuration sheet.
  • Once you enter the PIN, press the OK button.
  • Select the Back key on your device and touch the OK button, and tap OK again.
  • Now the Bluetooth setup is complete. Perform a printing operation to ensure that the Bluetooth connection is set successfully.
Bluetooth Setup

Canon Pixma Ts8120 setupMOBILE PRINTING

Various mobile printing options are available that can be used for connecting the Canon PIXMA TS8120 printer to the Apple or Android devices. The steps on how to set the mobile printing apps such as AirPrint, PIXMA Cloud link, and Google Cloud Print are explained on this page.

Apple AirPrint

  • Download the AirPrint app on your device. Install it using the prompts.
  • Verify if your Canon Pixma TS8120 printer is turned on.
  • Extend the input tray and load papers into it.
  • From the Application, press the Operation icon.
  • The Menu option will appear. Choose the Print option under it.
  • Select the name of your Canon printer model from the list of devices available under the Printer menu.
  • Modify the Print settings if needed. Tap the Print option.

Google Cloud Print

  • Before printing, register your printer with Google Cloud Print.
  • On the printer’s control panel, tap the Settings option.
  • Select the Web Service Setup option in the next step.
  • Choose the Web Service Connection setup option followed by the Google Cloud Print Setup option.
  • Tap the Register With Google Cloud Print option and follow the instructions.
  • Open Google Chrome on your system and sign in using the appropriate credentials.
  • The next step is to log into the Google Account.
  • Go to the Chrome menu and choose the Print option.
  • Select the Change option and then choose the Destination option.
  • Choose your Canon Pixma TS8100 setup Series printer under the Local Destinations option. Click the Print option.

Canon Pixma Ts8120 PIXMA Cloud Link

Pixma Cloud Link
  • Register your Canon Pixma TS8120 printer with the PIXMA/MAXIFY cloud link.
  • Select the Settings option and then choose the Cloud Applications option.
  • Follow the guidelines displayed on the control panel to complete the registration process.
  • Choose the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY option. Enter the login credentials and specify the Country.
  • Select the Album from which you want to print. Choose a set of photos under that album.
  • Modify the Print Settings on the next screen.
  • Tap the OK option to start printing the photos you choose.

canon pixma Ts8120 Troubleshooting

Canon Pixma TS8120 setup,this printer is a versatile device which can help you print documents and photos from a PC or memory card. The TS 8120 can print disc labels and copy documents as well. The guidelines mentioned below will help you solve common issues such as printer not working and scanner malfunction.

canon pixma Ts8120 Not Printing

Follow these guidelines to solve the printer not working issue.

  • Check whether you have changed a computer or wireless router. If so, set the preferences once again.
  • Next, verify whether you have made changes to the wireless router settings.
  • Check whether the Canon Pixma connection method has been changed recently from LAN to USB or vice versa.
  • You might have entered an incorrect password for the Canon Pixma Ts8120 Setup device. If you have forgotten the Pixma device’s password, then select the Reset All option to restore the default password. You have to set up the printer again.
Not Printing

canon pixma Ts8120 Scanner Not Working

You can follow these guidelines to solve issues related to scanner malfunction. This might occur due to connection failure between the Pixma device and the computer.

Scanner Not Working
  • The first check for this issue is at the Canon Pixma device itself. Check whether it is ON.
  • Next, consider connecting the USB cable from the Canon Pixma device to another USB port on the computer.
  • Remove the USB cable from the USB hub if the cable has been connected to the hub. Now, connect it directly to a USB port on the computer.
  • If the Canon Pixma TS8120 device is connected to the network, verify if the connection status is active. If not, re-establish the connection.
  • The last step to fix the scanner issue for the Canon Pixma TS8120 Setup is to restart your computer.

Canon Pixma Ts8120Paper Jam

To fix the paper jam issue on your Canon Pixma TS8120 printer, follow the troubleshooting tips given below.

  • To fix this issue, perform the troubleshooting tips given below.
  • Check your Canon printer is turned on or not.
  • Remove the USB cable from the computer and reconnect it after a while.
  • Try connecting the USB cable to the different port on the computer.
  • Make sure that your computer and the Canon Pixma Ts81200 setup are connected over the same network.
  • Restart your computer, Canon Pixma Ts81200 printer and the wireless router.
Paper Jam

Canon Pixma Ts8120

Wifi Reset

  • To reset your Canon Pixma TS8120 printer Wi-Fi connection, follow the instructions given below.
  • Turn off the printer completely and disconnect all the power cable from the printer.
  • Make sure to turn off your wireless router and the computer.
  • Leave all the devices powered off for a while.
  • Reconnect the power cable to the printer and turn on the printer, wireless router and the computer.
  • The printer reset process is done. Now the printer and your wireless router are ready to make a new connection.
  • Perform the connection setup procedure as in the manual to make the new connection and try a test print.

Printer Offline

You can fix this issue in three different ways.

  • The first method is setting the printer online manually.
  • The second method is ensuring that the Canon Pixma Ts8120 Setup is selected during the print or scan operation.
  • The third method is trying to power cycling the printer.
  • Try any one of these methods to fix the printer offline issue.